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Cannabis Oil Benefits Are Becoming Widely Accepted

History will be made on November 1st when GPs in the UK will be able to prescribe cannabis for their patients. The announcement made breaking news yesterday.

Sajid Javid, the home secretary confirmed the new regulations surrounding prescription of cannabis-derived products will come into force next month. The evidential research and review into the benefits of cannabis oil for patients has resulted in the relaxed rules which will aid many who are desperate for help. 

It has been heartbreaking for many parents to sit back and just watch their children suffer, without having the power to do anything about it. This change will bring so much positivity and relief.

How did the change come about?

Recently, the cases of two young children, Alfie Dingley (6) and Billy Cadwell (12) suffering from epilepsy and requiring access to cannabis oil to control their seizures has been brought to the media’s attention. Cannabis oil has been proven in many cases to help patients in many ways, including curing patients of cancer.

This breakthrough in modern medicine will help millions of patients have access to the appropriate treatments they require to control their illnesses and symptoms. 

This does not in any way mean recreational use of cannabis will be legalised. The firm focus here is on treating patients so they can live a normal life again. 

Cannabis by itself, as opposed to cannabis oil, is a schedule 1 drug with no current therapeutic benefits and cannot be lawfully prescribed. It is currently used for research purposes only and even then, a Home Office licence is essential. 

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