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Have I Got Acid Reflux? 

Acid Reflux can be an uncomfortable condition for many food lovers and the worst thing is not knowing what the symptoms are called. In this article we will outline the key causes and symptoms that relate to acid reflux so you know whether you have it or not.

One of the common symptoms is a burning sensation in your stomach or even earlier on up the digestive tract, the throat. This feeling is usually experience after you’ve eaten. 

What exactly is acid reflux? 

When the stomach acid goes upwards in the digestive tract or the oesophagus, it’s going the wrong way, leaving an uncomfortable feeling. 

The thought of this acid going the wrong way can make us feel nauseous. What follows next, could range from heartburn or not being able to swallow food. Every food-lovers nightmare especially when they indulging in a feast they’ve been waiting for all day. Christmas is the worst and most inconvenient time of the year to experience acid reflux, as it means missing out on all those lovely dishes that have been planned and prepared. 

Help is at hand though. We recommend getting a formal diagnosis from a doctor, although it is usually clear when you have a heart burn sensation. 

The practical thing is you don’t have to find parking before standing for a whole hour in a busy pharmacy with your heartburn constantly reminding you that you have acid reflux. 

Instead, ordering your acid reflux tablets online with us, allows you to continue recovering and resting in your own home.

The majority of the human population don’t have any interest in learning about the journey of the food in their body, despite consuming many meals per day. Here we outline how acid reflux is initiated.

When food is swallowed and travels down the oesophagus pipe, it must pass through a ringed muscle called the lower oesophageal sphincter (LOS) before entering the stomach. Think of it as a bit of an obstacle course. 

The role of the LOS is to control what goes into the stomach, whilst preventing the stomach contents from reversing. If the LOS becomes too relaxed, then stomach contents can end up in reverse mode and enter back up the oesophagus.

Being overweight or obese can make you more prone to acid reflux, as can smoking or taking lots of medication. Your diet can also impact on acid reflux, for example deep fried foods high in fat and spicy meals, as well as citrus orange juice. Garlic, onions, peppermint and chocolate, alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks can also make acid reflux worse and should be avoided if you have a diagnosis. 

The aim is to not let the LOS get abnormally relaxed. 

Eating techniques can also influence heartburn. If you don’t chew your food properly it can create reflux. Additionally, not sitting down properly to eat can mean your breathing is not in tune with your digestion. These basic rules of how to eat can stop us from over-eating and becoming overweight. 

At MyMedsUK we have a number of treatments for Acid reflux, namely Omeprazole (20mg) and Lansoprazole (30mg).

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