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How Do I Know I Can Rely On The Morning After Pill?

Taking the Morning after pill can be an emotional choice for many women. The mixed feelings of making life-changing decisions crossed with the uncertainty of whether it will work. Many women take it because sometimes contraception hasn’t been used. If used within the correct time-frame, the morning after pill can be highly effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

If you’ve had unprotected sex, you can buy EllaOne  online from our online doctor service and get it delivered the next day. Although there are other morning-after pills, EllaOne is the most effective over 120 hours of unprotected sex.

Levonelle, another alternative is only effective across 72 hours. 

Factors That Reduce Effectiveness 


It’s important to remember that if you experience vomiting after taking any one of these, the morning after pill may not work if it hasn’t been absorbed. EllaOne itself can cause sickness in some women and if this is the case, then the dose needs to be repeated.

Repeated Use of Emergency Contraception

Only use it for emergencies as otherwise it’s effectiveness will wear off as your body ingests it too often. 


If you have already ovulated, then it won’t work either.

High BMI

There are other factors that also interfere with effectiveness, such as high BMI (Body Mass Index). Many women who have High BMIs are advised to take EllaOne as opposed to Levonelle, as the latter is least effective in this case.

On Other Medication

If you are taking medication for:

  •         St John's Wort
  •         HIV drugs such as Ritonavir
  •         TB drugs such as Rifabutin
  •         Barbiturates and other seizure preventing medication

Then, again the morning after pill may be rendered ineffective. Most people think taking emergency contraception is easy and effective, but there is actually a lot more to consider.

Health Conditions

If you suffer from any of the following health conditions then you may also not reap the benefits of the morning after pill:

  • Serious liver disease or porphyria
  • Crohn’s disease or other stomach problems that hinder you from digesting food normally
  • Allergies to medication
  • Hormonal problems


The morning after pill should not be used as the main method of contraception. Unprotected sex happens and the quicker you take the morning after pill, the more effective it will be. 

Often it can feel embarrassing to see your doctor or you may be too busy, which is why you may find it more convenient to order your morning after pill direct from MyMedsUK.

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