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How Does Medication Treat Acne?

When acne is getting in the way of how you feel about yourself, your main concern will be how to effectively make it disappear. 

Acne can affect one fifth of the adult population making it largely prevalent from the teenage years right into adulthood. Yes, it’s normal for adults to get acne too. 

You may question why you have acne and many times it is largely associated with excess sebum production which can flare up during stressful periods, including exam time. Whilst some individuals decide to leave it to nature for their acne to clear up, others will want to do something about it as soon as they can.

MyMedsUK sell the most popular treatment for acne, called Oxytetracycline. Whilst this oral antibiotic works for many patients, others will find it has no effect on their acne. 

Alternatives for acne treatment

When an oral antibiotic is not working, you may seek to find a topical antibiotic cream instead. This topical approach helps to clear up clogged hair follicles, allowing skin to breath again and appear clear. 

Another option is Azelaic acid which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Azelaic acid wipes out the bacteria from skin pores, making the skin layers free from outbreaks.

Surprisingly, contraceptive pills also work as an effective treatment for acne. For example, the Dianette pill can help control how much oil is produced by the skin and ensures an over active oil producing hormone is under control. 

Keeping pores clear and unblocked is key to clear skin.


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