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How To Be In Control Of Acne & Not Let Acne Control You

Acne most commonly affects 12 to 24 year olds going through puberty, but can in fact appear at any age of any person’s life. From a scientific perspective, acne is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the oil glands in the skin, which can become clogged due to excess oil production.

Rest assured, it is a very common skin problem and you’re not a minority. We understand that it can affect your confidence when all your life you’ve had perfectly flawless skin and now, suddenly your skin is looking red, inflamed and uneven with whiteheads, blackheads and cysts. Scarring left behind from acne doesn’t help either, so treating it can help you tackle it sooner before the bacteria’s proteins keep growing and multiplying across the skin.

If your acne is mild, then you can easily obtain over the counter medicines from your local supermarket or pharmacist. However, if it’s more severe, then a prescription medicine may be required, such as antibiotics. MyMedsUK can help you get the treatment you need to treat your acne. Oxytetracycline is an effective antibiotic treatment that clears antibacterial infections such as acne. 

Many people are under the impression that they can’t do anything about acne and that they need to live it out, during this stage of their life, before it will eventually subside. 

What they need to realise is that there are medications out there. Lots of people are using these medications to help tackle their skin infections. 

Some more tips to control your acne ...

Be in control

When acne gets you feeling down because of the way it’s making your skin look, it can be easy to cave in and let it control you. Being passive and submissive to your acne it not the right attitude and looking at the end vision of clear skin, is what should be motivating you. 

Identify the root stress factors

If it’s stress that's causing your acne to flare up, then get to the root cause of your stress and how to mitigate it. If its fizzy drinks and chocolate that causes your blood sugar to rise and result in acne, then learn to control your cravings. 

Cleanse daily

Cleaning your face daily will help to control bacteria, whilst soothing your skin. It’s best to go for a gentle cleanser formulated for sensitive skin, with no added fragrance. 


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