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How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Insomnia has created a golden age of sleeplessness in man. Our changing, chaotic lifestyles hinder our brain from sleeping and black-out blinds blocking the streetlights don’t make any difference either. 

Night becomes your day and day is spent walking in and out of meetings with panda eyes and an awkward zombieness which even when you try to hide it, everyone notices. Some of you lucky ones do happen to go unnoticed, hiding your hidden, private affair with sleeplessness. 

Your bed is no longer a time to unwind away from business and office work. Insomnia can be a lonely journey for many men and women who painstakingly have so much on their mind they cannot switch off and sleep for a good seven hours. 

Stress and traumatic experiences, even the death of loved ones can make us feel guilty of nodding off. For many, if they miss the boat, it will not return until the following night. The forceful effort of putting one’s body to sleep becomes a desperate challenge that one tries too hard to create and it just won’t work. 

Chronic insomnia becomes torture and affects us psychologically, impacting our relations with family, friends and colleagues. Studies have even shown that insomnia can increase the likelihood of chronic depression, heart attack and obesity. 

Tired drivers pose a risk on Britain’s busiest motorways and no-one wants to be driving near a near-to-doze-off, driver. Many insomniacs fear their symptoms are untreatable and fail to seek help, thinking they will treat it themselves. 

If you haven’t already tried good habits before bedtime, then it’s not too late.

  • Take a bath or shower before bed.
  • Eat a banana.
  • Read a book.
  • Use essential oil vaporizers
  • Play soothing music and get into a routine where you set your bedtime clock on your phone.
  • Turn your phone onto Do Not Disturb mode (the tiny moon button on apple phones).

All your calls and notifications will be silenced so they can’t disturb you. You need to train yourself to not feel tempted to even look at your phone. If your phone is a distraction for your sleeping pattern, then address it now before it gets worse. 

Turn off any distracting lights such as alarm clocks in the bedroom, close the bedroom door and change your single pane windows to double-glaze if you live on a busy road. 

Make sure your partner is also going to bed at the same time. It doesn’t help if they set themselves a later bedtime. Explain to them the importance of why you can’t have any distractions. Usually partners will adhere to rules once they fear a ratty insomniac husband or wife!

Developing rituals before bedtime can be a fun way to relax and make you feel in control of your symptoms. Some people will play rainfall sounds on their phone to help them sleep and others will use special apps to monitor their sleep patterns. 

Sleep should be a natural phenomenon and still can be. Training yourself to get to sleep can seem like something you would do to a baby, but give yourself some credit. Life’s stressful hurdles sometimes don’t make it easy for us to get to sleep. So don’t beat yourself up, there are millions of insomniacs.

A good night’s sleep is possible and you can achieve normal pattern of sleep again with the right type of medication if you have not been successful with any other alternative. MyMedsUK stock 3 types of sleeping tablets (otherwise known as the Z drugs), in varying strengths:

Zolpidem 5mg

Zolpidem 10mg

Zopiclone 3.75mg

Zoplicone 7.5mg

Zimovane 7.5mg

Zimovane 3.75mg

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