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How To Live Longer & Healthier

Who doesn’t want to live longer? We all do and making changes to your lifestyle for the better, will surely play a large role in helping you to live longer and ageing well.

News of family and friends dying of cancer is becoming all too common. ‘Living for today’ has never felt more real. Being happy and feeling healthy today and now is a must. Don’t wait for the future. Start now. 

If there’s a place you want to see, someone you want to meet, something you want to try, do it.

Ancestral Health Trees

When it comes to understanding your own health, becoming an expert in how to age better, means researching your genetical tree of ancestors. Compiling an ancestral health tree not only benefits you, but also your future generations. 

How old were you ancestors when they died? What illness did they have in their lifetime? 

Have you ever considered having a DNA test or building a record of your blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and vitamin D levels? 

Boosting Your Health

Drink coffee..

Did you know coffee is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols? Both these substances are known to fight off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Exercise in the garden or park…

Why in the garden or park? Trees produce phytoncides, which in turn, help to lower blood pressure and stress. Forest soil also contains microbes which can improve our inner microbiome, reducing depression. 

Camping outdoors over the weekend, will boost your microbiome and immunity for one month. 


Intermittent fasting has many known benefits. Not only can it increase age, it can fight off Alzheimer’s, help gut health, type 2 diabetes and even weight gain. There is the extended overnight fast of 14-16 hours, which follows how many of our ancestors ate; supper at sundown, hardly any snacked, and then eat gain mid-morning the next day.

Train more

Research has proven that adults who perform twice-weekly strength training, live longer with less illnesses. Rowing and weight-training are two examples.


People who read frequently have been linked to longer lives. Just 30 minutes a day can help keep your brain healthy. Learning new things and taking on more hobbies are also great ways to keep the cogs churning.

Retire later

Working longer than the average retirement age is better for us, because it involves social interaction, active movement and a sense of purpose. Retirement on the other hand had a strong correlation with loneliness and depression.

Good night’s sleep and naps

Waking up refreshed means we are better focussed. Our memory stays refreshed too. Naps should only be kept to 30 minutes, otherwise they’re not really classed as a nap.

Don’t forget to take your Vitamin D.

Many of buy our Vitamin D, but forget to take it. Making it a daily regimen is vital to ensure we age well. 

Make new friends

No-one wants to be lonely in their old age, so forming friendship groups is important to prevent loneliness.

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