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If I Stop Taking Propecia, Will My Hair Stop Growing Too?

The simple answer is yes. If you stop taking Propecia, hair growth will stop too and your normal hair loss will start to take over again.


Because your body will start to breakdown Testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) again.

You have to remember that Propecia, also known as Finasteride (it’s generic name) is a drug that stops or blocks the metabolism of testosterone into DHT. 

What are the reasons for why patients might stop taking this medication? There are multiple.

Some patients may be experiencing side effects with Propecia. It could be a medication that just isn’t working for them or their body and the compatibility is low, so they decide to stop.

Other patients may feel they want to embrace nature’s cause and hair loss does not affect how they feel about their appearance. It no longer affects their self-esteem.

While others decide that sourcing the medication through prescription and then making the time to ingest it in their daily routine is something of low priority and not important when it comes to taking care of their health. There are other medications they would rather focus on when their health becomes more serious.

It’s vital to note that Propecia is not suitable for;

  • women (pregnant women must not come into contact with this drug)
  • young children
  • young males below 18

It may also be unsuitable for you if you are suffering from anxiety or depression too. You need to consult your doctor before being prescribed this drug. 

If you are considering to take Propecia in the near future, then there are certain factors you need to take note of.

Do not donate any blood whilst taking this medication.

Always use a condom during sex to ensure you don’t pass the drug onto your partner. 

Propecia can affect blood test results, so if you have your blood tested regularly, e.g. for prostate PSA levels, be mindful of this.

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