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My Joints Are Clicking. Should I Be Worried?

As we age and start to hear about our grandparents or parents medical conditions, we often start to question, whether these same ailments will be passed down to us.

Weak bones and osteoarthritis can result in a higher risk of broken bones if we slip and fall. But will it help to start taking Vitamin D supplements, extra omega-3 and organic smooth almond butter in our smoothies? Of course, why not? A rich diet in nutritious oils and vitamins will be absorbed by your bones and do their bit to help.

When you start to feel and hear clicks in your bones, you may start to worry about your diet and whether you’ve been doing enough exercise to keep joints supple. 

Noisy joints can appear anywhere in the body! From the shoulders to the back bone, and from knees to elbows. You may notice clicking at any time of the day, whether it is early in the morning as you get up, or it could be in the kitchen, whilst you prepare the evening meal. You may only notice a few bones clicking one week and it could increase over the month. 

The reality is that if you are not feeling any pain from your clicking and it’s not affecting your day to day life, then you are okay, but reach for your yoga mat or swimming costume anyway and start those daily stretches, to get your body in the healthiest shape it can be for the years to come. 

Investing in your health now, can mean higher mobility rates as you age. Keeping healthy to spend time with your future generations should be high priority. 

Clicking joints can often be the result of air bubbles in the joint that create the clicking noises, that pop when you move. 

Regular exercise is essential, because moving your body and doing daily stretches will really help to support you. Many people feel they may worsen their ligaments and tendons by doing exercises, but this is not the case; you will only be strengthening them.

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