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Reasons Why You May Decide To Delay Your Period

Period delay is something many women will consider at one point in their life. Most often younger women have a reason for wanting to delay their period, which is personal to them and something they don’t usually share with anyone else. 

If it’s a date night for example, they want to make sure they are not on their period in case their relationship and date might lead to sexual intercourse on the day of the date. 

The important thing to note here, for any woman, is that she must start taking the required medication to  prevent the onset of her period, at least three days before her period is due.

To ensure everything goes to plan, you must know your menstrual period pattern fairly well and keep a diary of your period schedule in advance. You must have a good indication of how many days it is until your next cycle.

Norethisterone is the name of the medication that is taken to delay your period. One 5mg tablet should be taken three times a day, for up to 14 days. Once you stop taking the medication, your period will resume approximately two to three days after.

So, you should plan well early on.

Other reasons for delaying your period could be because you might be getting married and don’t want to be on your period during the honeymoon period. This is the most common reason for why women choose to be prescribed Norethisterone. Or perhaps, you are performing on stage or in a sport's tournament.

Although the list of reasons is infinite, due to women’s personal reasons, there is one other reason…

Many women prefer to have a period-free holiday. The hassle of carrying tampons and sanitary towels abroad, can be a burden. Buying them abroad can also be expensive, so the easiest thing is to be period less whilst enjoying your holiday. 

It can be highly inconvenient to make use of the swimming pool facilities and other resort features when you’re on your period and can mean regular trips to the toilets to get fresh during the day. 

Additionally, for women who travel third world countries as a back-packing tourist, these destinations are not the easiest to dispose of personal hygiene goods unless you are staying in a hotel. Public facilities such as bins can be scarce in places like Thailand and India. 

How does Norethisterone actually work? 

Norethisterone changes the way the uterus works by stopping bleeding. It is a pure and synthetic form of progestogen, the hormone responsible for keeping the uterus lining the way it should be. 

Before a woman is due her period, the levels of progesterone hormone fall significantly to stimulate shedding of the uterus walls (because there is no sign of sperm attaching to the uterus egg and hence no pregnancy). 

Norethisterone does not affect a woman’s eggs in any way or her ovaries and it is important to understand that is not a form of contraception.

At MyMedsUK, we sell Norethisterone in two options: 30 tablets (7 day delay) or 60 tablets (17 day delay).

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