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Some Myths About Asthma That Need Clearing

Asthma has many factors associated with it, but there are some myths attached to asthma to which are not true.

It’s important for each individual diagnosed with asthma to understand what factors have triggered their asthma in the past, whether it was emotional or  physical. Emotional behaviour can trigger problems with breathing in the lungs, so its important to be in control of our emotions. Psychological influences are however not a cause for concern - asthma is not all in the mind. 

Do you grow out of asthma?

You do not grow out of asthma when you become an adult. So if you have asthma as a child, there is 50% chance it will stay with you throughout your teenage life and again, it could reoccur later on in adult life.

Can asthma be cured?

Asthma doesn’t currently have a cure and there is no single cause that has been identified for it. With good care and control it can be less serious. However, if proper care and precautions are not taken, patients suffering from a severe asthma attack can end up in hospital and even die.

Is asthma hereditary?

There is a chance of inheriting asthma if someone in your family has it. There is a 6% chance if no parent has asthma, 30% chance if one has it and a much higher 70% chance if both parents have the condition. You cannot catch asthma from other people as it is not a contagious disease. 

Will moving to a new location cure asthma?

Whilst location plays a significant part in lifestyle and making an individual feel relaxed, asthma symptoms may improve for the short-time. However, moving to somewhere like the desert will not cure asthma, and after a while symptoms most usually reoccur. 

Can I still exercise if I have asthma?

Of course! You shouldn’t stop exercising if you have asthma, but it is important to understand that exercising in dry cold places may trigger asthma for some people. Strenuous exercises should be taken easy.

Will I get into bad habits if I take medication?

It is reassuring to know that you cannot become addictive to medication for asthma. So if you need to use your inhaler, use it.

Can people fake asthma attacks?

Certainly not. No-one can fake an asthma attack just to get attention. Besides, it's not a condition that anyone should be faking in the first place, as that would be insensitive to others who have the condition and to themselves.

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