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Tolerating Pain Without Medication Can Damage Nerves


It’s such a complex topic, because whilst one person can have a high threshold for the same application of pain, another person may experience it as highly intense and difficult to bear. 

What causes these tolerances? Is it diet? Muscle strength? Is it personal life experiences and lack of medication as we grew up? Or perhaps it’s all in the mind and some people have better psychological control over the amount of physical pain they allow themselves to endure. Almost like there’s an on/off switch they can control in their brain when they choose to.

Diverting your attention towards other things that keep you busy and excited may also help outweigh the feeling of any pain. But if your pain threshold is low, being a hero and enduring it out is not always the best way forward. Quality of life shouldn’t be sacrificed because you’re against pain relief. Often pain relief can benefit many ailments such as decreasing a fever, it’s not just about ache-free muscles.

Neuropathic pain is invisible. Yes. So it means many people who you see everyday could be experiencing this pain without you ever knowing about it. Chronic pain (present over longer period of time) can affect a patient’s mental health if it is not controlled. 

When pain is incessantly present, it starts to interfere with the body’s pain receptors, sometimes making the severity increase. Think of it as the pain receptors getting worn out and overworked to a point where they become overloaded. The brain and spinal cord start to deal with pain input differently to how they would normally to acute pain (short-term pain that will eventually diminish).

Did you know neuropathic pain can damage the myelin surrounding the nerves in the brain and spinal cord?

This is where long term pain arouses because of this damage. 

Normal painkillers won’t work, so painkillers designed specifically for neuropathic pain are the only solution. 

MyMedsUK stock the following painkillers for neuropathic pain, in a variety of capsule quantities.

Pregabalin (75mg)

Pregabalin (100mg)

Pregabalin (150mg)

Pregabalin Generic (300mg)

Gabapentin (300mg)

So, you can see why it’s imperative to treat pain before it gets worse and starts to damage your nervous system. Being a hero and praying optimistically for the pain to go away, does not work for everybody as there are so many varying levels of pain that have multiple root causes. 

Complete our online consultation submission to our UK doctors who will assess your eligibility for pain relief and whether you qualify for medication to be sent to your home address.

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