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A Healthy Liver Means No Plastic Consumption

We're Consuming Plastic In Our Diet Everyday

Plastic consumption has been happening for decades, but only until now has it caught the attention of consumers. Many of us have seen the advertisement of a mother grating plastic onto her children’s pasta, it’s a sign that things need to change and we all hold responsibility for it.

Drinking water out of plastic bottles has always been on our mind, but the thought of microplastic particles living inside our gut may trigger some positive change. Using a filtered water tap and an alternative bottle container is the best way to avoid plastic bottles. Being more mindful of the plastic packaging that contains our supermarket groceries. 

The convenience of plastic bottles when we’re thirsty, or visiting a third world country, is often in an attempt to reduce contamination of dirty water entering our system. We would rather drink from a plastic bottle, than develop traveller’s diarrhoea from overseas tap water. 

The three major plastics absorbed from food that are potentially harmful to human health are polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate.

What are the problems we’re posed with?

  • Damaged intestines
  • Altered shape of the villi lining the intestinal wall
  • Damaged liver
  • Poor blood lymphatic system

The cycle of plastics entering our digestive system stops when we start being mindful of the plastic rubbish entering the oceans. Fish consuming plastic waste are being consumed by humans and in turn, the plastic inside the fish is entering our bodies. 

A fish free diet is one step to preventing the risks associated with plastic derived from fish. 

The question on many individual’s minds is, “ How is plastic entering the oceans in the first place?”

Plastic that ends up in landfill is usually assumed to just stay there. It’s not as simple as this. Plastic can fly away and when it does, it usually ends up in rivers, where it eventually makes it way to the sea. 

The only way to prevent plastic creeping into there is to stop producing it and buying it. Plastic straw production has almost ceased and many supermarkets do not stock it anymore. You may find plastic straws still available online until legislation tightens further. Cotton buds are another item that will eventually become history.

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