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What is Causing My Migraine Headache?

When a migraine is all that you have on your mind, you may want to get to the bottom of it. Despite studies identifying possible causes of migraines, they are still a bit of a mystery. 

Some research has shown that it could be a disorder in the central nervous system which triggers these mind splitting headaches, or it could even be the brain’s blood vessels that bring on the onset of migraines. It’s all very hypothetical. 

Other studies suggest that migraines are genetical hereditary traits passed on from generation to generation.

Getting to the root cause and identifying what triggers a migraine can help us prevent them. What’s important to remember is that each migraine trigger is specific and unique to the individual experiencing them and some people only experience one or two migraines in their lifetimes, others experience them on a more regular basis.

It’s easy to just pinpoint a migraine to stress, but it's more complicated than this. 

A migraine could be linked to poor diet, such as salty or highly processed foods. Even skipping a meal. So if you an avoid this, you can avoid the chances of a migraine, especially if you are susceptible to them. Fasting is not recommended for migraine sufferers. So, if you fast religiously, you may find you are exempt from this practice if it causes you ill health. 

Excess alcohol consumption and caffeine can also cause migraines, as can preservatives and sweeteners such as aspartame. Get into the habit of reading labels, as it could help you.

Did you know sensory stimulation such as bright lights, loud noises and strong smells (perfume) can also start a migraine? Hormonal changes such as menopause or pregnancy can also trigger headaches in women. These women often notice a pattern before and after their period. 

Physical stress and extreme exercise can be a root cause. Similarly, changes in your sleep cycle can also affect you. But there are also people who don’t get on with a particular work-screen monitor, because it can cause them to feel strain at their temples leading to the constant throbbing pain of a migraine. If this is the case, talk to your health and safety officer at work to find out if changes can be made to your workstation and monitor. Perhaps a visit to the optician can also fix your headaches.

Now you understand more about what the causes of migraine are, take a look at the ways you could also help make your migraine subside. .

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