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When To See A Doctor About A Cough

Cough season is here. 

That transition between winter and spring, when we think we can get the summer shorts out, but no it’s still too early!

A cold or flu is the main cause of a cough. You may find you feel weak but then build your strength up, only to find a lingering cough to last weeks. 

Cough syrup or lozenges can help ease the cough, but they won't actually get rid of it. A cough is one of those things that the body will help itself over time. 

Most coughs will go away themselves and can be treated at home with plenty of rest and fluids such as hot lemon and honey. So there’s no point in booking an appointment with your GP, unless any of the following symptoms start to appear:

    •    your cough persists more than 3 weeks

    •    your cough is getting worse and you can’t stop

    •    you experience chest pain

    •    you're losing weight    

    •    you experience swollen glands, (the side of your neck feels swollen and painful)

    •    you find it hard breathing

    •    you have a weak immune system, perhaps because of chemotherapy or diabetes

It is highly advised to seek medical attention if you cough up blood. 

Although the flu is one of the causes of a cough, here are some more causes:

    •    smoking

    •    heartburn

    •    allergies such as hay fever

    •    infections like bronchitis

    •    mucus dripping down the throat from the back of the nose


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