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Opioid painkillers act on the opioid receptors in the body, these include codeine, dihydrocodeine, tramadol, co-codamol and co-dydramol. Opioid containing medicines can be addictive we therefore must ensure that they are being used in a safe and appropriate manner. Before ordering an opioid containing product read the guidelines listed below:

  1. Only one type of opioid painkiller will be supplied to a customer at any one time.
  2. In order for a prescription to be issued by a doctor, you will need to provide detailed information on your condition. For example, if you just enter ‘pain’ as the reason for requiring the medication, your order may be delayed or even cancelled.
  3. We will need more information about you condition. There is a maximum number of tablets/caplets/capsules that will be dispensed to a customer in any one order.
  4. As per point 2 above, to ensure that BNF dosage guidelines are followed, if an order is placed early, then that order will be held with payment and only released at the correct time, in most cases we will need to confirm with you over the phone or email why you need to order more.
  5. If we become aware that a customer has ordered from MyMedsUK and from other suppliers at the same time, we will cancel the order and also block you from ordering from our website.
  6. Customers are expected to use their own card to pay for an opioid and may be required to provide proof of their date of birth before a second order is dispatched.
  7. MyMedsUK is particularly careful when prescribing for younger people i.e. under 25, since it is very uncommon for individuals within this age group to have a condition which will require opioid painkillers
  8. For patients 21 and under permission will be requested from their GP before we can supply opioid painkillers to them
  9. In exceptional circumstances, customers may use someone else’s card to pay for an opioid but they will be required to provide proof of their date of birth and home address before the current order can be dispatched
  10. The billing address for the card should be the same as the delivery address. In occasional cases, a work or holiday address may be used, however, proof may be required
  11. If several people request opioid painkillers from the same address or within close proximity of a particular address, then these orders are likely to be refused, and customer accounts closed
  12. Customers are NOT allowed to order any opioid-containing products within 27 days of their previous order.

As a responsible provider of prescription medication, we to take all necessary measures to ensure that people ordering opioid drugs are using them in an appropriate manner. opioid drugs are dangerous drugs if they are used incorrectly or used for recreational purposes and this policy is in place to prevent the medicines we provide from being misused in any way.

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