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Cerazette (75mcg)

Cerazette is a contraceptive pill containing progestogen active ingredient to prevent pregnancy.

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Desogestrel, the active ingredient, prevents the ovulation process. Cerazette gives more flexibility because it is possible to take up to 12 hours later, in comparison to the 3-hour period of other pills.

Cerazette also known as the "mini-pill" is an ideal contraceptive option for women sensitive to oestrogen. It is also suitable for women who smoke and are aged over 35, unlike other pills.

It is 99% effective against pregnancy and can help alleviate cramping and heavy menstrual flow. It works to prevent pregnancy by halting ovulation, tricking the body into thinking it has already undergone ovulation.

It should be taken for 28 days, the full cycle length of a woman's period.


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